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Krista Grace Morris

Krista heads up Marketing and Content Creation here at INK. From Linguistics and History to puns and memes, she's interested in the systems we create to share our ideas with each other.

Ax or Axe: What's the Difference and how to use Them Properly

What a difference one letter makes, right?! At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal style. Language is fluid. Just because a word is traditionally used in one way doesn't mean that's set in stone. I think the overall point of language is to express yourself. So if you're an "axe" kind of guy, go for it! :D Thanks again for stopping by.

How to Write the Perfect Meta Title

Hi, Thomas! Thanks for your comment. INK is desktop app that you can write in like any text editor. INK will help you optimize your content as you write. Then, once you're ready to publish to your WordPress site, you can use the INK companion plug-in to upload your .INK file directly. There shouldn't be any conflict with your current set-up. You can get both the INK Editor and WordPress upload plug-in here: you have any issues, please let us know! Thanks again

5 SEO Myths You Need to Know About

Thank you sincerely for the kind words! Will definitely check out your site and podcast! What do you think of INK? Really interested to hear your feedback.

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