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Which is the Easiest SEO Content Writing Tool to Use?

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Before I began writing this article on the easiest SEO content writing tool, I did my research. I identified the key phrase I wanted to target. I’ve Googled what articles I’m competing against.

What I’ve found is that most of my competition is reviewing five, six, thirty-six, forty-nine easiest SEO content writing tools.

I don’t think you want to skim descriptions of apps and then have to decide if it’s what you’re looking for. Especially, when there is an app that literally is a one-stop-shop for all of your writing SEO needs and it’s free.

Sound too good to be true? It’s real, and it’s called INK.

INK is the content writing tool I’ve been developing. You can actually write your article in INK. It even corrects your grammar and spelling issues.

Screenshot of INK website.

Here’s the best part. It also runs real-time analytics to ensure that your content is going to rank at the top of Google.

This article was written in INK. While I’ve been writing, it has been sharing tips to help me optimize my content.

Here’s how INK Works

You identify what keywords or key phrase you’re writing for. When you launch INK, it asks you to enter these words or phrase.

Screenshot Here's how INK Works

INK reminds you that short, generic terms are hard to compete with. Be specific when identifying these terms.

Once you click the plus sign, INK begins working its magic. There are no magicians or wizards locked in a room that generate the great results.

Content Relevance Image With Percentage

INK has a proprietary algorithm that analyzes the sites you are competing against for ranking. Then INK provides you with a content relevance score.

INK breaks my to-do list down to word tasks and relevance tasks. Remember this advice is customized for my key phrase that I entered.

INK’s Word Tasks

Word Count

I’ve learned that I need to write at least 1276 words for this article to be deemed relevant by Google. While keyword stuffing and writing a bunch of nonsense is discouraged, I can add more relevant content to this article.

1002 Word Count

After receiving this tip, I realized INK is correct.

I read back over what I had written and found areas that seemed weak in my description. I found ways to elaborate on the points that I wanted to make. In the end, this tip created a better article that answered my key phrase in a more thorough way.

Spelling and Grammar

Now, I need to focus on my spelling and grammar. INK does that for me. INK performs a number of other tasks that improve my site’s readability. It checks for grammatical errors, misspelled words, complicated sentence structure, and overuse of averbs.

Spelling and Grammar

A Sentence is Very Hard to Read

This customized tip is very helpful. INK has found that I have a sentence that is very hard to read.

A Sentence is Very Hard to Read

When I click on this task, INK highlights the sentence that I need to fix. Usually, this happens to me when I’ve combined multiple thoughts into one sentence.

Passive Voice

For this article, I’ve used passive voice too much. Is this the end of the world? No. But INK tells me my audience prefers active voice and I want to write for you.

6 Passive Voice Image

Plus, according to INK, I really only need to fix one sentence. INK will show me where I’ve used passive voice, so I can easily make the corrections.

Unique Hyperlinks

INK has discovered that I need to add more hyperlinks in order to compete with the highest-ranking articles.

Unique Hyperlinks

This is a suggestion, but an important one. Give credit where credit is due. Hyperlink to the sites that contributed to your article.

INK’s Relevance Tasks

Meta Title and Description

Here’s another tip from INK. I need to add a meta title and description. I decided to use my headline as my title. Now, I need to come up with a description.

Meta Description Score

Fortunately, INK has given me a tip on writing my meta description. I’ve followed it. Now, I’m ready to share this easy SEO content writing app with the world.

Key Phrase and Keyword Suggestions

Google’s algorithm has gotten much smarter since the good old days. Your site is no longer ranked by how many times you can work your keywords into the first paragraph.

However, its good practice to use your keywords or key phrase throughout your article. After all, it is what you are writing about.

INK shares with me that it would help if I could work my key phrase into a subheading. I’ll take this tip into consideration. But if I can’t make it sound natural, then I’ll dismiss this task.

Image SEO

It’s time to focus on image search engine optimization. Not only do I need to upload my graphics, but I need to write a great image ALT text and caption. By doing this, I’ll give Google more insight into what this article is about.

Unfortunately, INK can’t select my images for me. But it can optimize what I upload.

Image SEO Optimizer

It’s important that this page load quickly. I don’t want searchers to become impatient and click on another article. INK resizes images to improve your page loading speed.

Topically Complete

This is where INK really earns its keep. I’ve built a feature into it that checks for the topical completeness of the article.

What does that mean?

95% Topically Complete

You’ve stumbled upon this article because INK is the first content editor that uses AI to determine how the semantic breadth of my article stacks up against the competition.

INK says that I’ve done a great job (but there are always areas of improvement) of crafting this article so you will see it.

INK is Free

Every feature I mentioned above is free. It’s not a free for three months, or it’s only free if you use the app version. There are no ads that you must watch to use INK. It’s 100% free.

Download it and see how much better your content will rank. Then tell your friends.

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Alexander De Ridder

Co-Founder of INK, Alexander crafts magical tools for web marketing. He is a smart creative, a builder of amazing things. He loves to study “how” and “why” humans and AI make decisions.

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