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Testimonial: Rechelle Ann Fuertes

Rechelle Using INK

With INK, I no longer have to subscribe to a lot of writing tools. It has not only saved me a lot of time sorting through different apps while working, but also money!

Hi! I’m Rechelle. I’m from the Philippines. I’ve been working as a freelance content producer/writer for a few years now.

SEO has been a significant part of my daily work for a long time. As a content writer, clients often require me to submit articles that are optimized for search.

I’m not really surprised by this since optimization is a must if you want your page to rank higher on Google SERP.

Many think that optimizing content is as easy as 1-2-3. But, I know many web writers would agree with me that IT’S NOT.

There are a lot of factors to consider aside from choosing the right focus keyword. High-quality content has to be relevant, informative, readable, free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and unique.

Before, I used to subscribe to a lot of writing tools. I had one for checking my grammar, one checking my content’s readability, one for resizing my images, so on and so forth.

Just imagine opening different tools then copying and pasting your article several times on each of them, constantly making sure you didn’t save over the right version. It’s time-consuming and really inefficient!

But, that was only the case until I used INK.

There’s no other way for me to describe my experience using this SEO writing editor: it’s pure bliss!

INK has all the things that I need to ensure that my articles are search-engine optimized. Once I enter my key phrase (keyword) into its SEO panel, it will analyze my article and provide a content relevance score to let me know what essentially amounts to its optimization rating.

INK not only checks my article for spelling and grammar mistakes. It also helps me create well-composed articles by checking for composition issues like excessive adverb usage, phrases in the passive voice, and hard to read sentences.

INK keeps track of how I use my keyword within my content. Actively, while I’m writing, it tells me if I’ve used my keyword too much or too little in my articles, my headers, and if the over relevancy is improving or not.

INK also suggests how long my articles should be based on an exhaustive analysis of the keywords and key phrases that I use. The best part is, I can save my article as a .INK file and import it to WordPress without any hassle!

Because a huge number of clients use WordPress, the fact that INK imports and uploads with correct formatting and all the images I optimized in INK is critically important. It’s also just so lit!

Using INK has made my content optimization efforts easier and more efficient. It has boosted my confidence as a web content writer knowing that my articles are not just optimized, but well-composed, too.

I highly recommend INK to all online marketers and writers out there!

Rechelle Using INK
With INK, I no longer have to subscribe to a lot of writing tools. It has not only saved me a lot of time sorting through different apps while working, but also money!

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Rechelle Ann Fuertes

Chelle is the Product Management Lead at INK. She's an experienced SEO professional as well as UX researcher and designer. She enjoys traveling and spending time anywhere near the sea with her family and friends.

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