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Introducing INK SEO Headline Optimization: Get More Clicks with Emotional Intelligence

If someone clicks on a search result in Google, it’s because it’s relevant to what they searched and hits the right emotion spot-on. 

In fact, a recent Backlinko CTR study found that people click on headlines with emotional sentiment 7% more than those without any strong emotion.

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That means headlines are perhaps the most important thing to getting more clicks, and INK PRO’s brand new SEO Headline Optimization shows you exactly how to do just that. 

Power Words Don’t Work Anymore, Emotion Does

It’s clear that power words like “Best” and “Amazing” are so overused, they just don’t work anymore. 

Worse, they can actually decrease click-through rates. 

Search has evolved past them, and INK is the only tool that recognizes this.  

That means we go way beyond helping you find the right words; INK PRO Headline Optimization also helps you find the right emotions for your audience.

How PRO’s SEO Headline Optimization Tasks Save Time While Boosting Engagement

You’re going to save so much time doing market research while getting tons more insight you never anticipated. 

Sentiment Analysis

INK PRO’s Headline Emotional Intelligence shows you:

  • Exactly which emotions are most relevant to your users and which words best convey them.
  • Which words your competitors are using to convey the same sentiment.

Headline Relevance

An SEO headline is relevant when it’s relevant to both the keyword and the topic. INK PRO’s Headline Relevance understands this like nothing else out there. 

While other headline optimization tools don’t help make sure your headline is relevant to your article and your audience, INK PRO does. 

In fact, INK PRO goes way beyond showing you what words to use. INK tells you exactly what ideas to use and the emotions that best convey them.

You’ll better understand your audience, their expectations, and how your competitors are currently meeting it. 

Moreover, you’ll also make a stronger connection with your audiences, faster.

Clear Metrics to Measure Your Success

We’re all about ROI and results. Our businesses users will love how INK PRO’s Headline Optimization lets you clearly measure your content ROI against click-through rate improvements.

You’ll know your headlines are relevant both topically and emotionally, and watch your clicks explode.

A new way to get to a 100% INK SEO Score

What’s more, we also incorporated INK PRO’s Headline Tasks into the overall SEO score, so it gives you another way to get your score to 100%.

Since INK’s powerful AI analyzes in real-time, you know your SEO headline is always up to date and relevant right now.

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