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Pinterest Claims Google De-Indexed its Keyword Landing Pages

A recent IPO filing from photo-sharing site Pinterest revealed just how powerful Google’s de-indexing was. According to the company, Google de-indexed its keyword landing pages during the first quarter of 2018.

The move reportedly hurt the site’s online traffic as well as its user growth all throughout 2018. Pinterest even claimed that it failed to recover from the damage caused by Google’s decision.

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Pinterest didn’t mention why Google de-indexed its landing pages. However, there are plenty of reasons why the search engine giant de-indexes a site. Some of these include:

  • Cloaking
  • Spamming
  • Free hosting scams
  • User-generated spams
  • Content keyword spamming
  • Duplicate content
  • Unnatural links

When a page has been de-indexed, it will no longer appear in the Google search engine results page. Pages that are not searchable could mean disaster for businesses in the online market space.

Google De-Indexed Pinterest Keyword Landing Pages

Pinterest’s current dilemma shows just how easy it is for Google to wipe away online businesses just by changing its search algorithm. And, it could be even harder for Google’s competitors. To date, Pinterest is one of Google’s direct competitors in the image search category.

In its Friday filing, Pinterest said:

“Our ability to maintain and increase the number of visitors directed to our service from search engines is not within our control. Search engines, such as Google, may modify their search algorithms and policies or enforce those policies in ways that are detrimental to us, that we are not able to predict or without prior notice.

When that occurs, we expect to experience declines or de-indexing in the organic search ranking of certain Pinterest search results, leading to a decrease in traffic to our service, new user signups and existing user retention and engagement.”

Pinterest further noted that Google’s algorithm tweaks in the past have also negatively affected the site’s traffic and they are expecting more fluctuations in the future due to the search engine’s recent actions.

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