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Photoshoot or Photo Shoot: Which One's Correct?

Main Photoshoot Takeaways:

  • A photo shoot describes a photography session.
  • A photo shoot and a photoshoot are the same thing.
  • Photo shoot is the most popular spelling for this compound word.
  • Sometimes, professionals use the terms shoot, photo session, or photo shooting instead.

Photoshoot vs. photo shoot: should you use one word or two? The choice is yours! But, professionals generally use photo shoot.

What Does Photoshoot Mean?

A photo shootor photoshoot is an event in which a professional photographer takes photos of a celebrity, product, model, or other subjects. Pictures taken during a photo shoot are often used in magazines, promotional campaigns, and other purposes.

Photo shoots can take place outdoors on location or indoors in a studio. They may also involve sets, lights, and a crew. The crew is usually made up of at least one of the following: stylist, makeup artist, creative director, and photographer’s assistant.

Photo shoots can be short or lengthy but the results should achieve a predetermined visual arrangement.

A pink square cartoon photograph shoots a triangle-shaped cartoon model against a studio background with the word PHOTOSHOOT under the scene.
Photoshoot or photo shoot? Both words are correct and refer to the same thing.
Definition:(noun) a session where a professional photographer takes pictures of celebrities or everyday people, often for a publication or website.

How Do You Spell Photoshoot?

The more common way to spell the term is photo shoot, but photoshoot is also correct. Photoshoot is a compound word you can spell by combining photo and shoot. Photo+ shoot = photoshoot. Whichever spelling you choose, it’s important to note that you should never use a hyphen.

I was super stoked to schedule a photoshoot with my favorite musician.
The model acted like a total diva at her photo shoot.
My wife requested a quick photo-shoot with the Easter Bunny.
My mother-in-law keeps bugging me about scheduling a photo-shoot for the kids.

Is it Photoshoot or Photo Shoot?

Bothare correct.Photo shoot is more common, but both are acceptable spellings. The only difference is that photshoot is a compound word and photo shoot is two words. Additionally, photo session, shoot, and photoshooting are alternatives for photoshoot. You can use the words interchangeably. But some view a photo session and shoot as less formal.

Here are Some Examples of how to use These Photoshoot Terms in a Sentence:

Stella wanted her makeup to look perfect for thephotoshoot.
Lindsey booked aphoto sessionfor her family.
The models were exhausted from their all-dayphoto shoot.
An infographic outlines the various spellings of photoshoot and the fact that the terms should never be spelled with a hyphen.
INK Photoshoot vs. Photo Shoot Infographic
Rafe scheduled ashoot for his wife and newborn baby at the hospital.
“I’m not dressing up for this magazine’sshoot,” the actor stubbornly declared.
The sisters did each other’s makeup for a quickphoto session.
During thephotoshooting, the actress complained that the lighting was bad because the bulbs accented her cellulite.

How Do You Use Photoshoot in a Sentence?

As you now know, the compound word photoshoot and the phrase photo shoot hold the same meaning. So, if you are referring to the act of taking photos of someone for use in a publication or other purposes, you can use either photo shoot or photoshoot. Here are some examples of how you can use both words in a sentence:

She started modeling after accompanying her model friend to a photo shoot.
Today’s photoshoot is not part of his schedule.
It’s not easy to arrange an outdoor set up for a photo shoot.
They’ll pick the album cover image from the photos taken during yesterday’s photoshoot.

What is Photoshooting?

Photoshooting, also spelled photo shooting, is another term for photo shoot. However, it’s not as common as photo shoot. It may be more common in European countries.

Our company offers photoshooting services.
I’m taking aphotographycourse to brush up on my photoshooting skills.
Our wedding photographer offered photoshooting and video sessions.

Strike a pose knowing photo shoot, photoshoot, shoot, photo session, and photoshooting are all correct. Whenever you use these terms, you’ll be ready for your close up.

So, is it Photoshoot or Photo Shoot? Let’s Test Your Knowledge!

Photoshoot vs Photo Shoot Question #1

Which statement is FALSE?
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is B. The two-word spelling, photo shoot, is more common.

Photoshoot Question #2

Photoshoot is a compound word.
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is TRUE. The words photo and shoot combine to form photoshoot.

Photoshoot and Photo Shoot Question #3

Select the correct sentence(s).

Please select 2 correct answers

Correct! Wrong!

The answers are A and D. Both photoshoot and photo shoot are correct.

Photoshooting and Photo Shooting Question #4

Photoshooting and photo shooting are commonly used in place of photoshoot and photo shoot.
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is False. Photoshooting and photo shooting are used rarely. Photoshoot and photo shoot are the commonly used terms.

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