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LinkedIn Introduces New Interest Targeting Tools

These new tools could significantly help marketers in their search for a wider audience. ¦ Max Pixel

These new tools could significantly help marketers in their search for a wider audience. ¦ Max Pixel

Last week, LinkedIn Marketing announced three new ways for advertisers to strengthen their interest targeting strategy. According to LinkedIn’s Senior Product executive Jae Oh, the new features will enable marketers and advertisers to reach the right audience out of the 610 million professionals currently on LinkedIn.

Advertisers will now have access to LinkedIn’s Lookalike Audiences dashboards, Audiences Templates, and Interest Targeting through Bing search.

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In the company’s statement, it emphasized the key benefits of having Bing Data alongside the two advertising services currently offered by the company. These benefits include:

  • Reaching high-conversion audiences: With lookalike audiences, you can discover audiences similar to those who have already demonstrated an interest in your business.
  • Getting results at scale: Lookalike audiences can help you extend the reach of your campaigns to more qualified prospects. Customers in pilot studies were able to improve their campaign reach by 5-10x while still reaching the kind of high-quality audiences that matter most to their organizations.
  • Engaging new target accounts: For B2B advertisers pursuing an account-based strategy, you can use lookalike audiences to target your ads to additional companies you may not have previously considered. These companies match a similar company profile to your ideal customer — so you can win more deals.
LinkedIn's Audience Targeting features
LinkedIn’s Audience Targeting features

Interest Targeting and LinkedIn’s Other Marketing Features

LinkedIn explained that advertisers can now target lookalike audiences by creating a Matched Audience in their Campaign Manager. For instance, an advertiser can create a list of target accounts or contacts from SEO or other industries.

The interest targeting feature, also found in the Campaign Manager, will enable advertisers to reach LinkedIn members through relevant ads that match their professional interest.

Also, LinkedIn now allows advertisers to reach their targets by combining the professional interests of their audiences on LinkedIn and the professional topics these people engage themselves with through the Bing search engine.

Lastly, the Audience template is a feature that makes it easier for new advertisers on LinkedIn to find the right audience. The tool gives its user a selection of more than 20 predefined B2B audiences that can help kickstart their LinkedIn marketing campaigns. The templates include information like member skills, job titles, groups, characteristics, and others that can be activated with just a click.

LinkedIn will reportedly roll out these new updates in the next couple of weeks.

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