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INK & Crowd Content Grow Blog Traffic 1,700% in 1 Month

Our latest blog experiment resulted in some of the most impressive growth we’ve ever seen. 

In this case study, you’ll see how we partnered with industry-leading content creators at Crowd Content to:

  • Grow the INK blog traffic a total of 1,700% at record speed, from 500 visitors per month to over 13,000
  • Get 260x more keywords in the extremely competitive top 10 Google search results
  • Grow our traffic value by more than 1,570%.

What makes these results even more impressive is how this collaboration achieved them in just over a month. 

What’s more, we achieved those results without paid advertising and virtually no link building

Inkson astronaut riding a rocket ship to space. Rocket has logos of INK and crowd content and marked with 1700%. Text reads: How we increase our blog traffic 1700% in one month.
In one month, we’re able to improve INK blog’s organic traffic by 1,700%. That’s from 500 monthly visitors to 13,000 monthly visitors!

Instead, we partnered with talented writers sourced from Crowd Content who used our content optimization platform, INK.

This is the story of how INK started small with a brand-new domain and skyrocketed growth in record time.

?? Take Me to the Case Study

Case Study Highlights

Before launching this SEO initiative:

  • INK blog traffic was hovering at around 500 organic visitors per month. 
  • The INK domain was capturing about 3,100 relevant keywords and about 200 of them were in the top 10 Google search positions. 
  • Traffic value was around $330.

Content Creation Overview

The talented Crowd Content team only used two resources to create the content: 

  1. Our intent research
  2. The INK content optimization platform

The goal was to create the most comprehensive and exhaustive guides for each intent. 

Since our recent data study showed that articles with an INK SEO Score over 91% are up to four times more likely to rank in the top 10 Google results, every article Crowd Content produced had an INK Score of at least 91%.


In one month, our collaboration produced these industry-changing results that continue to climb day by day:

Graphic outlining INK’s impressive organic growth in just one month. 1700% organic traffic. 553% traffic value. 196% organic keyword rankings. 225% number of keywords in the top 10 google results. 500% number of keywords in the top 3 google results.
Graphic outlining INK’s impressive organic growth in just one month.

When you compare our gains with our competitors, our collaboration increased INK’s traffic by over 1,700% in 1/10 of the time.

Graphic comparing INK’s organic growth to two established industry competitors.
Graphic comparing INK’s organic growth to two established industry competitors.

The Bottom Line 

The INK editor works. 

Even without backlinks, this case study is proof that relevant intent research combined with optimizing the content in our INK editor can increase blog traffic

INK and Crowd Content set out on a mission to prove that the INK SEO editor works.

When you write content in INK, we proved that it is more likely to rank. And, not just rank, but rank competitively, and in less time. 

We’re well on our way to knocking the competition out of the top spot and pushing our exponential growth even further.

Ready to see what INK can do for you? Download INK for free to start exploring how to take your content to new heights.

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Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, Writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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    Just check my mail. I replied to Brooke. I am expecting your early reply.

  2. Kishor Deo December 04 at 8:43 am GMT

    Good to read it.

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      Thank you, Kishor! Feel free to share your INK success story with us.

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