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Introducing INK 2.0: The Fastest INK Yet

INK is not the same editor that we launched 8 months ago on Product Hunt. It not only looks different, but we’ve worked hard to improve its performance, too.

Today, your INK will auto-update to INK 2.0 with 6 months worth of new code that helps prepare INK to elegantly handle all of the future AI features we have planned. 

INK 2.0 is so fast, you just might forget how much INK is analyzing in real-time. 

INK 2.0 is all about improving your writing experience and making everything you love about INK faster.

To make INK even faster and more efficient, we dramatically improved network usage, memory usage, and even our APIs. 

But, Why a new Version of INK?

The INK editor is feature-rich, and it’s truly only the beginning.

But with every new smart feature, we add to enhance your work, there also comes a performance cost. Our hope is that with today’s update you’ll understand just how focused we are on how you feel when you write in INK.

What’s Different About how INK 2.0 Works?

To deliver the best optimization features along with the best writing experience, we:

  • Redesigned the app’s architecture so that INK’s brain is separate from the editor
  • Rewrote the code that powers the editor from the ground up

What’s the end Result for my Writing Experience?

INK 2.0 reduces the time it takes to analyze your work and give you tailored tips and suggestions for your content

It also gives you a faster, more responsive, and more personalized experience

PRO Beta Users: this update sets the stage for our next big Beta update, which is not yet included in this release.

When you open up the new version of INK, here’s what you’ll notice:

  • Calculations (including keyword lookup and typing response times) will all be faster.
  • Better importing of large documents.
  • Smoother highlighting.
  • A brand-new color palette for highlighting.
  • Sharper text with better rendering for improved legibility.
  • Formatting now carries over seamlessly when you copy text from INK into other platforms = less work for you.

As you can imagine, with any major code update there may be bugs that occur so I want to personally thank you in advance for using the Feedback Button to report them. And, if you love the new build,  let us know that, too!

Before I forget, INK 2.0 remains free for all.

So grateful to share this journey with you!

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Alexander De Ridder

Co-Founder of INK, Alexander crafts magical tools for web marketing. He is a smart creative, a builder of amazing things. He loves to study “how” and “why” humans and AI make decisions.

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