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Indubitably: Definition and How to use it in a Sentence

What is indubitably? Have you heard about this word? If you’re 100% convinced something is true, you indubitably believe in its accuracy.

Meaning, there is zero doubt in your mind. If you’re not familiar with the said word and you want to know more, this post is for you.

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Main Takeaways:

  • Indubitably means there is no doubt something is true.
  • It is an adverb.
  • Indubitably, undoubtedly, and doubtless have similar meanings.
  • Use indubitable is an adjective.

After reading this guide, it’s indubitable you’ll understand the meaning of indubitably. See what we did there?

Is Indubitably a Real Word?

The direct answer is YES, it is a real word. Indubitably is derived from the Latin word dubitabilis, which means doubtful. Combined with the prefix -in, it means without a doubt. You can pronounce it as in-DOO-bit-a-blee

Picture yourself with a distinct British accent every time you say this word. Make sure you emphasize the ‘du,’ pronounced doo. It rhymes with boo or who.

What Does Indubitably Mean?

It is an adverb which means impossible to doubt or unquestionable. It is an old-fashioned word that has been around since the 15th century. If you believe something is indubitably true, it means there’s no doubt in your mind.

Indubitably means you're 100 percent sure about something or that you believe it's real without a doubt.
Indubitably means you’re 100 percent sure about something or that you believe it’s real or accurate without a doubt.

How to use Indubitably in a Sentence?

Wondering when the perfect time to use the word indubitably is? Use it in a sentence as an adverb if you are confident that something is true.
After her boyfriend cheated, Sheila wasn’t indubitably convinced of his love for her.
The judge indubitably believed Rex was an excellent parent, so Rex received primary custody.
Sami argued that Joey’s doctorate degree made him indubitably overqualified for a janitorial position.

As you can see, the word works well if someone is convinced something is valid or accurate. If you have doubts, you may use a different word, such as likely or probably.

Doubtless vs. Undoubtedly vs. Indubitably: What’s the Difference?

Doubtless and undoubtedly may seem like synonyms for indubitably, but the words aren’t always interchangeable. Doubtless means without a doubt. You can use this word in place of probably. Undoubtedly also means without a doubt. But it’s not a synonym for probably. The adverb undoubtedly is stronger than probably, but it’s not as strong as indubitably.

Use indubitably if you are 100% sure something is true. The word doesn’t mean probably, possibly, or maybe. It means you do not doubt something.

Words Similar to Indubitably

  • Doubtlessly
  • Undoubtably
  • Certainly
  • Unquestionably

None of these words is as strong as indubitably, though. Choose indubitably if you need a word indicating you’re 100% convinced something is true.

What are Some Other Forms of Indubitably?

Indubitably is an adverb. Switch to indubitable if you need an adjective.

indubitable: (adjective) undisputable; without a doubt

Many people argue there are indubitable benefits of wearing a face mask during a pandemic.
“It’s an indubitable fact that vaccines work,” the scientist told the president.
“I have an indubitable belief that I will love you for as long as I am alive,” Maritza told her son.

Words Similar to Indubitable

  • Evidently
  • Likely
  • Probable
  • Irrefutable
  • Indisputable
  • Inarguable
  • Undeniable
  • Undebatable

When to use Indubitably?

Because indubitably isn’t a popular word, it’s best for professional conversations. Use it while speaking with your boss or meeting with a client. The word also works in academic settings.

Indubitably is not used often in everyday conversations. Neither is indubitable. In fact, several grammar gurus confessed they learned the definition of indubitably from this guide. Many people use phrases like without a doubt instead.

It may seem pretentious to use indubitably in casual texts or emails. Try other words, such as certainly, unquestionable, or doubtless.

Regardless of when you use indubitably, make sure you use it correctly. We hope this guide has given you indubitable faith in your grammar skills.

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