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IKR: What it Means & how to Look Cool When you use it

Main IKR Takeaways:

  • IKR is an abbreviation for the phrase “I know, right?”
  • Use IKR to show that you agree strongly with what someone just said.
  • IKR is text speak, but it originated from casual conversations.
  • The acronym IKR doesn’t have any punctuation. However, the full phrase has a comma after “I know” and before “right.”
  • You don’t have to capitalize IKR.
IKR, that test was brutal!
“She said she loved the movie, and I was like,IKR!” Blythe texted Daria.

IKR is an acronym for I know, right. When you get an IKR message, it means the sender strongly agrees with you.

A young man with a smirk on his face. Text reads: IKR, I know, right?
IKR is an abbreviation for the popular phrase “I know, right.” It is used to express agreement when communicating with someone via text or online chat.

What Does IKR Mean in Chatting?

IKR in a text or chat means that person you’re communicating with wholeheartedly agrees with something you just said. In other words, they are completely on board with your thoughts. When someone says IKR, it doesn’t just mean they agree with you. IKR means another party completely supports your statements. Consider it the ultimate form of validation.

IKR meaning:Total agreement, support, and validation

IKR is text speak, but the acronym is also considered internet slang. For this reason, this phrase often pops up on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

What’s more, IKR is popular in private chats, and you may also see it on memes.

How do you use IKR?

The abbreviation IKR means “I know, right?“. Use IKR to show that you wholeheartedly agree with what someone just said. For example, let’s say you love the movie Gattaca. You’re texting with a friend and they say “I just love the movie Gattaca!” You could respond with “IKR!” There are no capitalization rules for this abbreviation, but you should avoid punctuation. This acronym is usually written like this: IKR.

Here are more examples of how to use IKR:

IKR!” Carrie responded when Keith sent an email saying their boss was the worst.
“I’m responding to Jay withIKRsince I totally agree that the show FUTUREMAN is hilarious,” Laura told Alex.
“Ugh,IKR?” Maria said when she read Matt’s message about hating snow.

How to use IKR like a PRO:

  • Use it to respond to a comment when you wholeheartedly agree with what the sender said
  • Don’t use it if you don’t completely agree with what the sender said
  • Avoid using this abbreviation in formal settings.
  • Avoid punctuation
  • Capitalize all of the letters
  • Add an emoji like 😏
Text conversation between a young man and woman. The young man messaged the woman and said: "We should eat gelato more often." The woman replied: "IKR" with an emoji.
The abbreviation IKR is one of the most popular text/chat jargons of the 20th century.

Should You Capitalize or Punctuate IKR?

IKR does not require capitalization or punctuation. You can write IKR in all caps or all lowercase letters. Some people capitalize the ‘I’ and leave ‘k’ and ‘r’ uncapitalized. What’s more, avoid punctuation when using the abbreviation IKR. Conversely, you can add a comma when writing out the phrase. A question mark, exclamation point, or period is okay, too.

I know, right?
I know, right.
If you’ve been blessed with an IKR message, it means the texter strongly supports what you just said.

Is IKR Rude?

For the most part, IKR is a supportive statement, but some people may consider it rude depending on the context and your tone. For example, you suggest grabbing an umbrella. However, your friend says it’s not necessary. It starts pouring and you both are soaking wet. Later, your friend sends you a text that says, “I guess I should’ve brought the umbrella!” You could reply with “IKR” and it might come off as rude. It could mean that you agree, but it could also mean “I told you so.

Moreover, if you are messaging someone who dislikes slang, internet jargon, or text speak, avoid IKR. You may find it better to say that you agree.

An image with 5 panels. 1st panel says: "Use IKR to agree with what someone said." 2nd panel has a thumbs up emoji. 3rd panel has an emoji with heart eyes. 4th panel has an emoji with star eyes. 5th panel has blushing and smiling emoji.
While IKR’s function is to express agreement, some people find it rude. So, if you are planning to use this abbreviation, it’s best to include an emoji at the end.

Additionally, some people are annoyed by the last part of IKR. They feel saying “right” is redundant, so they just say “IK” instead.

Finally, don’t use IKR if you don’t fully agree with the sender. If you aren’t sure whether you agree with someone’s sentiments, say IDK. That acronym means “I don’t know.”

What Do You Reply to IKR?

Reply to IKR with a positive comment or an emoji. If you choose an emoji, consider a smiley face, thumbs up, or the number 100.

Here are some potential responses for IKR texts:

  • Definitely
  • For sure
  • Absolutely
  • Yep
  • Yup
  • Yeah
  • Yasssss

Keep in mind that IKR doesn’t necessarily require a response. It’s okay to change the subject and talk about something else.

When Did IKR Originate?

The phrase “I know, right” has been around since the 1990s and became IKR as digital communication became more popular.

You may remember hearing Regina George use the phrase in 2004 in Mean Girls. Cady Heron also picked it up after spending time with the popular crew.

IKR was originally considered a Valley Girl saying, but now it’s used by everyone from preteens to seniors. You can say IKR anytime you completely agree with someone, but it’s best suited for casual chats.

Quick IKR Quiz

IKR Question #1

Which of the following statements is FALSE about “IKR”?
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is D. You can write “IKR” in all caps or all lowercase letters.

IKR Question #2

Select the INCORRECT punctuation for “IKR”.
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is C. You only add a comma when writing out the phrase.

IKR Meaning Question #3

Which of the following is NOT an appropriate way to use IKR?
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is B. You should only use IKR in an informal setting.

IKR Full Form Question #4

Which of the following is a potential response for “IKR” in a text?
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is D. Other potential responses include “absolutely,” “yep,” “yup,” or a smiley face emoji.

IKR Means Question #5

The phrase "I know, right" has been around since _____.
Correct! Wrong!

The answer is A. The phrase later became well-known as “IKR” in digital communication.

IKR Quiz Result


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