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Google's Florida 2 Update: What You Should Know

Google's Florida 2 Update doesn't just focus on any one niche, it affects every part of its platform. ¦ Shutterstock

Google's Florida 2 Update doesn't just focus on any one niche, it affects every part of its platform. ¦ Shutterstock

It all began when Danny Sullivan confirmed that Google was updating its algorithm. According to Sullivan, the update is supposed to be another big one. And it is.

A couple of hours after Google released its broad core algorithm update, some industry experts started referring to it as the Florida 2 update.

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So, here is the first thing you should know about the Florida 2 update; it has absolutely nothing to do with the Florida 1 update.

The original Florida update from November 2003 got that moniker because Brett Tabke ran a PubCon in Florida at the time. Since the March 12th update arrived a week after another Florida PubCon, Brett must have thought; why not?

With that said, what should you expect from Google’s Florida 2 Update?

Florida 2 is a Broad Core Update

Google’s official name for this update is the March 2019 core update. Based on the definition of broad core updates, it means the search engine is just improving its algorithm to better understand webpages and search queries.

As a result, Google will be able to match search queries to webpages more accurately and ultimately improve the users’ experience.

Contrary to popular belief, broad core updates don’t target any niche, website, or signal. In fact, it’s not targeting anything. Be that as it may, the algorithmic update is still one of the biggest yet.

How Big is Google’s March 2019 Core Update?

According to reports, the update is not only important, but it may be one of the most significant Google updates in years.

Past updates included factors that changed the way Google ranks websites. For example, in the previous update, Google introduced Neural Matching to improve the relevance of the web pages in search results.

Although Florida 2 is not targeting anything, it’s safe to say that the new update includes elements that’ll change how websites rank. However, Google has not revealed the existence of these elements or what the possible change may be.

How Can You Optimize Your Site for a Broad Core Update?

Since the update is reportedly not targeting anything directly, there’s nothing to fix.

According to Sullivan’s tweet on broad core updates;

“There’s no ‘fix’ for pages that may perform less well other than to remain focused on building great content. Over time, it may be that your content may rise relative to other pages.”

In the end, you may want to consider the relevance of content and links to search queries.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is sure; Google Florida 2 is designed to enhance user experience. So, white hat SEO practices may be all you need to retain that top spot on the search engine result page.

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