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Google Continues to fix its De-Indexing Problem

This problem significantly affected a large number of high volume sites. ¦ Pixabay

This problem significantly affected a large number of high volume sites. ¦ Pixabay

On Thursday, a number of distraught webmasters from across the globe posted their complaints about Google’s de-indexing problem on the SEO-focused forum WebmasterWorld. Site owners were exceedingly frustrated when many of their pages got removed from the Google Search results page and some suddenly dropped from the Google index.

The issue was reportedly visible on the Google Search Console and when using the site command in the browser. Google’s John Mueller confirmed in a tweet over the weekend that the de-indexing issue was caused by a technical problem on Google’s side. As per Mueller:

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“Sorry — We had a technical issue on our side for a while there — tis should be resolved in the meantime, and the affected URLs reprocessed. It’s good to see that the Inspect URL tool is also useful for these kinds of cases though!”

Google Fails to Fix the De-Indexing Problem

Google reportedly resolved the issue which affected sites from April 4th to 5th. However, webmasters continuously aired their disappointment on the WebmasterWorld forum, saying the issue still exists. On Sunday, Google tweeted:

“Just a short update on this — indeed, it does look like there are still some pages that need to be reprocessed. Our systems are making good progress here, but it’s taking longer than I initially expected.”

Mueller also chimed in and offered further updates:

“One thing to add here – we don’t index all URLs on the web, so even once it’s reprocessed here, it would be normal that not every URL on every site is indexed. Awesome sites with minimal duplication help us recognize the value of indexing more of your pages.”

Google’s latest tweet about the matter says the problem is mostly resolved and won’t require further action from site owners.

“We’re aware of indexing issues that impacted some sites beginning on Friday. We believe the issues are mostly resolved and don’t require any special efforts on the part of site owners. We’ll provide another update when the issues are considered fully resolved.”

This latest issue proves just how a single bug or twitch on Google’s side could significantly affect websites. Being de-indexed means lost revenues, sales, traffic, and conversion to name a few. At the moment Google is reportedly still working on reprocessing all affected URLs.

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