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Facebook to Replace its Ad Relevance Score with new Metrics

In a push to stay relevant, Facebook is changing the way it measures an ad's performance. ¦ Image via Facebook

In a push to stay relevant, Facebook is changing the way it measures an ad's performance. ¦ Image via Facebook

Digital marketers and advertisers can now kiss Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score goodbye after the social networking giant announced that more granular, relevant ad metrics would replace it.

According to Facebook:

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“Relevance score measures whether the ads that you ran were relevant to the audience that you reached. Rather than measure relevance in one metric, over the next few months, we will replace relevance score with three new, more granular ad relevance diagnostics metrics.”

Similarly to the Ad Relevance Score, the company claims that the new metrics will factor into an advertisement’s performance. Facebook believes that this level of granularity offers more actionable reporting suitable for businesses.

The Ad Relevance Score

Facebook’s Ad Relevance Score was initially calculated based on the positive and negative feedback that an ad would receive from its target audience.

Simply put, the more positive interactions Facebook expects an ad to receive, the higher its relevance score is. Likewise, the higher the chance of an ad being hidden or reported, the lower its score is.

The relevance score originally intended to help advertisers create effective ads and improve their performance through Facebook’s insights.

However, the company said that a single metric like the Ad Relevance Score is not enough to provide actionable insights. Thus, from a single metric that measures an ad relevance, the company will switch to three granular diagnostics.

From Ad Relevance Score to Ad Relevance Diagnostics

Called the Ad Relevance Diagnostics, Facebook said that its new tool will measure the relevance of an ad across three dimensions:

* Quality Ranking

* Engagement Rate Ranking

* Conversion Rate Ranking

Altogether, these three metrics would help advertisers better understand if the changes applied to their creative assets, post-click experience, and target audience will improve the performance of their ads.

Aside from removing the relevance score tool, Facebook is also terminating six other ad metrics which include:

  •  Offer Saved
  •  Cost per Offers Saved
  •  Messaging Replies
  •  Cost per Messaging Reply
  •  Mobile App Purchase ROAS
  •  Web Purchase ROAS

Facebook plans to remove the seven metrics this April.

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